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A 26-year lady who lives with her step-mother for the past 22-years always pass her University examination but will never be promoted. She has been in 100 Level for the past three-years. Last Friday night on her way
home from church, she met this old beggar & dropped N500 in her bowl.

The old woman told the girl to take all the money in her bowl & buy her step-mother a White cloth as a gift. Inside the bowl the girl saw a tall fair young woman's picture. She told the old woman the woman in the picture is very beautiful & wish to meet her one day.

The old woman replies "Blood is thicker than water" & left. The girl did everything the old lady told her. The next Monday in class, the HOD came to the class & told her she is not suppose to be in that class. She is supposed to be in 300 Level this year. The HOD took her to his office, gave her money to buy her books & walked her into her level 300 class.

When she got home, she saw her step-mum dead lying down, beside her is the picture she saw in the old woman's bowl. She asked her dad, The Dad explained the woman in the Pics is her Late Mum.

Her dad told her the step-mother was the cause of her misfortune in school, the cause of her mother's death & she placed a spell on him not to love her. She used her womb to do all these things.

After the death of the step- mother, everything went back to normal.


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