Meet Ex-Bus Conductor Turned Nollywood Star, Joseph Benjamin

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Meet Ex-Bus Conductor Turned Nollywood Star, Joseph Benjamin

Post  ese on Sat Jan 26, 2013 12:40 pm

There are no easy routes to success, they say. Who would imagine our darling on screen was once a waiter? Joseph Benjamin is one of the most attractive faces in Nollywood. He has charmed his way into the hearts of many with his good looks and acting skills.

The Kogi born actor has done enough to earn him a star status in Nollywood, but his role as co-presenter in MTN Project Fame West Africa shone the spotlight on Benjamin. Joseph Benjamin was on Inspiration FM yesterday with Wana Udobang on the show ‘Talk About It’ when he disclosed the rough roads he had to travel before becoming who he is today.

“I’ve moved from being a bus conductor, security guard, waiter, worked in a Bakery, sold shoes at Balogun; then moved into IT before acting. ”People’s feedback on twitter showed her inspired they were with his story as he continued giving tips on how goals could be achieved. “Keep improving your craft. Nourish that which you have. Be your own inspiration! ”Speaking on start-up businesses, Benjamin had this to say;” Understand your market before you decide what you want to do.”

Who says hard work doesn't pay?

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