GTB (GTBAM) Nationwide Recruitment – Sales Agents

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GTB (GTBAM) Nationwide Recruitment – Sales Agents

Post  adebayo on Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:56 am

Investment One Financial Services formerly GTB Asset Management is looking to enrol individuals that would help drive new retail products about to be launched.

Job Position: Sales Agent

Location: Nationwide

GTB Asset Management (GTBAM) / Investment One Financial Services CV Submission

Terms and Agreement
Thank you for showing interest in partnering with Investment One Financial Services. Kindly see below for relevant information on the role, recruitment process and key next steps:
o The position applied for is temporary, specifically for a period
o The role involves nationwide sale of a new financial product about to be launched by Investment One
o There are no restrictions on qualification for signing on
o The remuneration is commission based which would be communicated to you in due course. Please note that there is no salary package attached to the role save the commission to be earned based on your marketing performance
In addition to the commission, there would be other rewards for candidates who deliver outstanding performance. Such rewards include any of the following:
1. Additional bonus payments to earned commission in the event that sales target are exceeded
2. An opportunity to be engaged as a full time employee with Investment One Financial Services (based on your overall performance during this programme)
3. Other additional rewards (e.g., gift vouchers, monetary rewards etc.) based on performance
As part of the application process, you will be required to fill an online form if you accept the terms and conditions.
Once again, thank you for applying to work with us.
We look forward to having a pleasant working relationship with you.

Thank you

NB: You are free to inform your friends and colleagues by directing them to this page.

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