Man breaks manhood in horrific sex accident

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Man breaks manhood in horrific sex accident

Post  david2 on Fri Jan 04, 2013 4:43 pm

MMA fighter Ray Elbe — who competed on “Ultimate Fighter 9″ — had to be rushed to a hospital in Malaysia earlier this month and required 10 stitches … after he BROKE HIS PENIS during sex.

Elbe told the whole story — in painfully graphic detail — on an MMA website … explaining how he was having sex with his girl friend, who was “on top” … when she bounced a little too high, and crunched Ray’s erect penis.

According to Ray, his penis “fractured” … and “blood was everywhere.” Ray says he immediately passed out from the pain.
Ray says he was rushed to a nearby hospital … and underwent emergency surgery to close the wound and repair a “slight tear” in his urinary tube.

Elbe says the pain was so severe after the surgery, his johnson was “throbbing with each heart beat.”

Elbe says he expects to make a full recovery — and was ordered to take “anti-erection pills” for two weeks.

The fighter says he learned a hard lesson from the experience — and will never let his GF be “on top” ever again.

Elbe also explained, “In an attempt to make it up to me … [my GF] has promised me a threesome of my choice when we get to the Philippines … which usually has some solid talent.”

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Re: Man breaks manhood in horrific sex accident

Post  adebayo on Sun Jan 06, 2013 4:25 pm

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