are you afraid of being tracked down by GPS device?

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are you afraid of being tracked down by GPS device?  Empty are you afraid of being tracked down by GPS device?

Post  skying02 on Wed Nov 27, 2013 3:22 pm

GPS jammerWe live in a high technology society. When the destination is far, we have cars. When we lose our way, we have the GPS navigation. We live convenient lives with the help of GPS device. What we don’t know is, it can bring great trouble for us. That is, your location will be easily tracked down by unauthorized people. They just need to put a small GPS device into your pocket, or at the bottom of your cars. See, your own location, your family’s secret, your children’s school, all these will be found out easily. Now you know how serious it is. To bring back safty to us, we developed the GPS jammer, which is a machine that can prevent GPS tracking equipments from receiving the GPS signal.

There are many kinds of GPS jammers in Skybuying. Today we will take a good look at the one with the name 15 Meters Portable Powerful All GPS Signals Jammer, model number S802012. It is a portable jammer, with the weight only 280g, which makes it an easy carrying jammer. You could put inside of your car, put at any rooms in your house, or even just carry it in your pocket. It has the rechargeable battery inside, after full charge, it could work for 2 hours. Isn’t it a convenient device? Also, it can work in a range of 15 meters, which is far enough for us to protect our vehicle. The most important is, it can block full GPS channels, including GPS L5(1100—1200MHZ), L2(1200-1300MHZ) and L1(1500-1600MHZ). This is really a fantastic GPS jammer, small but full function. It is really a worldwide GPS jammer. With this small portable GPS jammer on hand, you don’t need to worry about any GPS tracking device any more. You and your family and your children will live in peace and safely.

Besides of above portable GPS jammer, Skybuying provide many kinds of professional GPS jammers. Actually, Skybuying is a leading jammers supplier who provides not only GPS jammers, but also mobile phone jammer, RF jammers, wireless signal jammers, UHF/VHF jammers, wifi jammer, 4G jammers , etc.



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