GEJ Or Yar'adua: Who is a better leader?

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GEJ Or Yar'adua: Who is a better leader?

Post  Pretty on Mon Dec 31, 2012 4:40 pm

If I am not mistaken or just being simply sentimental, I think when the late President Yar'adua was in power, (RIP) we had less people complaining about him and critisizing him. He had direction, he led the country as someone that is not 'clueless' as the kind of president we have now... FYI, I am from the Niger Delta, I voted for GEJ, but watching him lead this country is just way too disturbing and it seems we haven't made much progress... Well, that's just my opinion, what do u think? Isn't the immediate past president more of a leader than what we have now? No sentiments plz. Cool


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