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Business of little capital but bumper rewards

Let Me Give You Job

Is it you or your brother, sister, uncle, friend or a distant relative in Nigeria or elsewhere in the world that needs JOB for financial freedom? I know of a firm that is providing job for thousands across the globe by giving them a business of their own. The income opportunity in this exciting offer has the potentiality of replacing any paid employment. Yes! You heard me right! Its compensation plan is so lucrative and diversified that every serious distributor is a winner anytime. A case in point is the 25% commission paid to a distributor on every purchase made by a preferred customer that he brings to Syntek Global.

A Customer is an individual or an entity that is registered with Syntek free of charge to use Xtreme Fuel Treatment (xft) regularly. This could be a hotel, a manufacturing company, a fleet management entity, a shipping company, a transport company, a government organization, a banking institution, and the list goes on and on… If you become a Syntek Distributor and eventually woo a company that loves xft (which is usually the case), you have given yourself a job for the rest of his life. This is because, you will be earning between N50k to N1, 000, 000 every month.

How is this possible?
Everyone loves to reduce fuel cost and ensure maximum engine performance. Now XFT gives back between 20% to 35% in fuel savings.

Let’s do some calculations
A typical average Nigerian manufacturing company or hotel burns about 1,000 litres of diesel per day which is equivalent to 30,000 litres per month. In today’s Nigeria where diesel sells for N160 per litre, that’s a total spend of N4, 800, 000. From the dosage application guide of Syntek, we compute that the company will require N256k worth of XFT to achieve 20% savings. That savings’ value is worth N960, 000 on N4.8M. When the cost of XFT is removed, there’s a net saving of N700, 000 per month and N8, 400, 000 per year. Will any company stop paying N256k to save back N700k? The answer is NO because the return is 270% on the ‘investment’.

It is noteworthy that our estimate is based on the minimum saving of 20%. We know from experience and testimonials that the savings steadily increase with consistent use of the same amount of XFT. When it gets to 30%, the cost saving will move up to N1, 440, 000 per month and a net saving of about N1, 100, 000 per month. The security here is that every customer that comes through you remains tied to your ID for life.
All the time your referred customer buys (say for example, N256k worth of XFT), the automated system returns 25% commission (i.e. N64, 000) to your account even if you are not aware of such purchase. This is because; making order and fulfillment of the order will be strictly between Syntek and the Customer. Everything we have discussed above is just one out of the eight (Cool income streams offered to every Syntek distributor.

What does it take to set up your beneficiary on this path?
From Syntek Global, it is a total of a one-off fee of N60, 000, shipping cost inclusive. But from us, it is N56, 000 (the actual registration cost) if you live in Lagos and N57, 500 if outside Lagos. The extra N1, 500 will be applied for shipping the starter kit to the beneficiary outside Lagos.
The core registration fee of N56k should be paid into
Account Name: Global Syntek
GTB: Account Number: 0122172778
ECOBANK : Account Number: 1083001312
Once that has been done, send a mail to me at
( xft4nigeria@gmail.com ) with the title “I will like to sponsor a person” and I will revert to you within 24 hours with the very next steps to take.
Once those steps have been fulfilled, I will immediately set up your beneficiary on my online coaching where I will hand-hold him/her with my daily newsletters that reveal our proven and winning strategies, tips & tricks that will turn him/her into a Syntek guru within 2 – 3 months.

If you really like to give this a shot and create job for someone through this process, I wish to commend you for taking the bold step. My assurance? Neither you nor your beneficiary will be disappointed! Your sponsored distributor will remain grateful to you for life.

Get Me On: 08107978059
Facebook: www.facebook.com/xft.nigeria.5
WWW: www.myfuelmax.mysyntek.com
BB: 22663F85


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