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7 Timeless AdSense Tips for Bloggers

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7 Timeless AdSense Tips for Bloggers Empty 7 Timeless AdSense Tips for Bloggers

Post  gideon2 Fri Feb 01, 2013 5:34 pm

7 Timeless AdSense Tips for Bloggers Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ0srP5tLYECeBxwZMLC9V52oN6sWAiVbyquc9uwpYc6Ax2oFBclQ

Most bloggers are making money using AdSense. It’s the easiest monetization method for blogs. You don’t need to manually put advertisement about any affiliate product because when you simply put your AdSense code in your blog, you’ll automatically display relevant ads to your visitors. However, your earnings will be based on clicks, not sales. Here are 7 timeless AdSense tips for bloggers, which will help you to earn more with AdSense:

1. Put your AdSense code above the fold
Above the fold is the most strategic place in your blog, which will increase your AdSense CTR. It can be in your header or above your content. The point is to make your ads seen when people load your website, without the need to scroll the page.

2. Create a blog with high potential earnings
Another way to make sure that your blog gets the most earnings from AdSense is to create a blog in a niche where there are many relevant ads available. Creating a blog in a niche that is not advertisement-friendly will only get you into low earnings. Choose a high paying, highly competitive niche to thrive with your AdSense blog

3. Blend your ads in your content
It is better to place one blog of AdSense code inside your content, because you will likely get many clicks if you do this. People are reading your blog content, so it will be natural for them to click on the ad when they see it as interesting. However, you have to blend your ads in your content, and avoid differentiating between your content and your ads.

4. Avoid placing ads in the footer
Placing your ads in the footer won’t give you good click-through rate. That’s because most people won’t see your website from top to bottom. They only want to read your content, and they consider footer area of your website as unimportant. When you place ads in this area, chances are you will get very low CTR.

5. Daily updates
If you are relying on AdSense on your blog, make sure that your blog is updated daily. That’s because when you’re not updating your blog daily, you will gradually lose traffic. And without traffic, you won’t gain any good earnings with AdSense. AdSense cannot be successful without high number of traffic, unlike affiliate marketing. So, be sure to keep flooding your blog with content in order to get more and more traffic coming to your blog.

6. Use templates optimized for AdSense
There are many blog templates available that are already optimized for AdSense. However, you have to be picky in choosing those templates. Most of them are full of hidden advertisements and clutters. It is better for you to invest on professional AdSense-ready template instead of choosing a free one.

7. Using link ads effectively
You can use link ads in AdSense. However, if you don’t put those link ads in proper position, those ads won’t give you any additional earnings at all. Link ads should be placed below or above your navigation bar. It will give you the best CTR.

Using AdSense in your blog can be profitable. Just be sure to follow the tips above in order to get the best CTR for your AdSense ads.


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