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Online Shopping In Nigeria_ MicoStarMall

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Online Shopping In Nigeria_ MicoStarMall Empty Online Shopping In Nigeria_ MicoStarMall

Post  donglazy Wed May 22, 2013 12:30 pm

MicoStar Group of Companies started over 15 years ago with MicoStar Motors
( MicoStar Motors is known to be the pioneer of
selling pre-ordered vehicles from US to customers in Nigeria. For the past
10 years , they had more Nigerian customers who pre-ordered vehicles from
Nigeria and had them shipped from US to Nigeria than any other auto
dealer in Nigeria. They are known for their excellent vehicles and more
importantly as one company you can always trust with your money.

In 2003, they launched MicoStar Tech which is the IT division of MicoStar
Group of Companies . A year later they became one of the major supplier of
IT products and services from US to so many companies in Nigeria and
Africa. In 2005, they were awarded the biggest healthcare IT contract in
Nigeria and since then have been the major provider of Healthcare IT
services and products from US to healthcare organizations in Nigeria and
Africa. They have implemented a lot of Healthcare IT projects in Nigeria.

Their latest achievement has been the introduction of MicoStar Mall
( which has become a household name in Nigeria. This
comprises of all their divisions and serves as a place you can get
whatever product or service you need from overseas for the exact sale
price being offered over there delivered to your doorstep in Nigeria.
All you need to do is log onto their website, browse
among the various stores in the mall, order your goods and they will be
delivered to you at your doorstep in Nigeria within 12-20 business days or
express service within 7 days.
You can also buy or rent properties in US, pay for foreign exams,
certifications and school fees for schools overseas.

MicoStar Mall is showing the world there are a lot of trustworthy
Nigerians in Nigeria who deserve to receive the same quality products and
service like others who live overseas.


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