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A Comprehensive Review of GLOBACOM Nigeria Gista tariff plan

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A Comprehensive Review of GLOBACOM Nigeria Gista tariff plan Empty A Comprehensive Review of GLOBACOM Nigeria Gista tariff plan

Post  AYC Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:51 am

Overview of Key Features

Glo Gista offer is a prepaid tariff plan with lower rates for on net calls after the first 60 seconds which will be charged at 40kobo per second. The followings are the key features of this tariff:

   Rate of 15kobo per second for on-net calls
   Rate of 30kobo per second for off-net calls
   Rate applies after first the 60 seconds of the day at 40k/sec
   N4 SMS charges in Nigeria and N10 for international numbers

Overview of Pros and Cons

Going by the information provided on Glo website, perhaps the only unique attraction of this plan is N10 SMS rate to international numbers (except there are other features not mentioned on their website). Beyond this, the expedience of this plan is grossly in question. The lower on-net rate  (in comparison to the 18kobo per second in the G-BAM and HI FLIER) of 15 kobo per second is undermined by the 40kobo per second charged in the first 60 seconds.

More so, the rate of 30 kobo per second for off-net calls is outrageous, especially against the backdrop of the fact that a whopping 40kobo per second was charged for the first 60 seconds.

I should also mention here again, that the information on this page is incorrect and insufficient. While it was stated earlier that the sum of 10kobo per second is charged for on-net calls, it was again cited under “Rates and Charges” that on-net call is 15kobo per second (after the first 60 seconds of 40kobo per second). The importance of clear, complete and comprehensive information to subscribers is key to building confidence, trust and loyalty.

With the above said, I conclude by stating that there is need for the telecom company to critically revisit this plan with a view to assessing its relevance and possibly make modifications that will make it more attractive.

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