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What Kind of Insecticide Do You Use in Your Home?

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What Kind of Insecticide Do You Use in Your Home? Empty What Kind of Insecticide Do You Use in Your Home?

Post  AYC Tue Jul 16, 2013 12:39 pm

Have you taken time to go through the information contained on the can of the insecticide before spraying? Do you know the composition and its effect on you and your pet? READ THIS:


Overview of Key Features

Total insecticide is manufactured by Aerochim, for Total, with factory located at Paris, France. in Nigeria, Total insecticide comes in 400ml. Total insecticide contains Tetramethrin, And Deltamethrin, and prallethrin as Active ingredients.


1. This insecticide is surprisingly a performer. The use of molecules with a “knock-down” effect enables the substance to literally knock out the insect, leaving the “killer” molecule to finish the job. This gives it an edge over many of the other brands available.
2. Total insecticide has a mild, non-offensive smell.


1. Total insecticide is not readily available in all stores and supermarkets across the country.
2. Like in all aerosols, the use of highly flammable ingredients like propellants in Total insecticide increases risk of domestic fire, if carelessly handled.
3. All its active ingredients – Prallethrin, Tetramethrin, and Deltamethrin – have been shown to have adverse effects directly on human health, though in rare measures. They are however highly toxic to cats and aquatic lives. So for cat owners, you may need to be very careful when using your insecticides with your cat around.

General Cautionary Tips

1. As much as possible, the use of insecticides should be as few and far between as possible. It is better to apply other preventive measures that will keep both flying and crawling insects away from your home.
2. The use of insecticides should not be the primary means of protecting yourself an family against malaria. Other harm-free measures like the use of mosquito nets, making sure all exit doors and windows are properly shut, especially when the sun begins to set and keeping your home free from mosquito breeders like stagnant water and refuse should form your primary strategy. Insecticides can come sparingly, when for instance, you mistakenly leave the door or windows open.
3. Please always read the instruction on the container. They usually contain useful information and warnings.

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