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how to choose a good cell phone signal jammer

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how to choose a good cell phone signal jammer Empty how to choose a good cell phone signal jammer

Post  skying02 Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:27 am

As the wide popularity of cell phone, it comes the cell phone signal jammer, which can help people get rid of the unexpected noises of the cell phones. Maybe we want to know more about it.  How does a cell phone signal jammer works?
The cell phone signal jammer also known as jamming devices that provide the best ultimate solution in areas where cellular communications are frequently not welcomed.  It stop the signal transmission between cell phones and cellular base stations. Cell phone signal jammer block the cell phones by sending out radio waves in the same frequencies that the cell phones use. When you turn on a cell phone signal jammer, all operating cell phones of that certain area will indicate "NO SERVICE".  There is no need for you to worry about your other electronic products, because it does not interfere with any communications other than cellular.
How to choose a phone signal jammer?
1. Make sure you have known the network frequency of your location. In North America, GSM operates on the primary mobile communication bands 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. In Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia, most of the areas use 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands.
2. Make sure you know your local communications service providers. In USA, the six largest providers are Verizon (GSM CDMA CDMA2000 LTE, etc), AT&T (GSM UMTS WCDMA, etc), Sprint (CDMA, iDEN), T-Mobile USA (GSM UMTS WCDMA, etc), TracFone Wireless, and MetroPCS. You should check it through the Internet before you buy a phone signal jammer, which can give you comprehensive information on the frequency Verizon of your area.
3. Figure out the jamming range you require, as well as the purpose of your application.  For a a small area, such as classroom, a small and portable one is quite enough. But if you want to use it in a 10000 capacity theatre center, you need to buy a high capacity phone signal jammer with a wide jamming range.
Skybuying is a leading supplier of cell phone signal jammers, who providing the best products in excellent quality and reasonable price. Our every product has undergoes several tests before you get it. All we want is to offer the best phone signal jammer to worldwide customers.


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