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7 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

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7 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes Empty 7 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Post  Kayode Tue Jan 15, 2013 10:42 pm

If you have your own Facebook fan page or business page, your number one concern is probably how to get more likes. By spending a short time on your efforts each day, you can see positive results and increase the number of fans you have quickly.

Here are seven of the best ways that you can start boosting the number of likes on your Facebook page.

Get Your Friends to “Like”

If you already have a number of friends on your other pages or even other social networks, ask them to give your new page a like. Include a link so that it is easy for them to do as soon as you request it. You can also add the link to your profiles on other social networks.

Offer an Incentive for “Liking” Your Page

If you offer fans an exclusive “Facebook Fans” discount , they will be eager to click your like button. If you have a short e-book, offer that to your new fans. Holding contests through your Facebook page is another great way to get more likes. People who are already fans will spread the word about your contest, which will send their friends your way.

Add the “Like” Button

You should always have a “like” button on your website, blog, online store and anywhere else it’s allowed. This makes it easy for people to like your page and content without having to leave your website.

Link YouTube Videos

Many companies have their own YouTube channels today for video marketing. You can use to overlay YouTube videos with external links to other sites, including your Facebook pages.

Add Link to Your Signature

An often-overlooked place to include a link to your Facebook page is your email signature. Think about how many emails you and your employees send each day. Those are all opportunities to get more people to like your page. You can also add it to your forum signatures and resource boxes for content that you submit to article directories.

Blog Comments

If you leave informative comments on another blogger’s site, include your Facebook page link. This needs to be done tactfully because you don’t want to be considered a spammer. Leave a thoughtful comment and invite others to like your page. If you are offering a giveaway or discount, mention that too.

Comment on High Profile Pages

There are a lot of large companies with Facebook pages, which means a lot of fans. You can leave comments and wall posts that are relevant to the company and promote your own page at the same time. Like with blog comments, make sure you are providing useful, informative content and don’t just leave a lot of spam.

Building up a solid fan base is important for all of your social networking efforts. The more fans you have, the stronger your brand presence is going to be online. Taking a little time each day to work on your social media can make all the difference between getting only one or two likes in a week to getting hundreds per week.


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