DoneDealNgr.Com - Earn 10% Commission on Ads Placed!

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DoneDealNgr.Com - Earn 10% Commission on Ads Placed!

Post  DoneDealNgr on Mon Jan 07, 2013 4:09 pm

Many may not be aware of the money making opportunity on DoneDealNgr.Com. The site is an online classified advertisement website that allows Nigerians and everyone to promote their goods and services to thousands/millions of Nigerians. It is an efficient website, and one of the cheapest & quickest ways to sell or buy goods and services online. Note that your first advert is free. And searching for something to buy is free.

The website is allowing everyone to make money, but referring others to use DoneDealNgr.Com. 10% is paid to anyone who referred a user that posted an ad.

To read more, visit:


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