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Post  yehudi on Sat Jun 29, 2013 1:15 pm

DO YOU WANT TO TRADE GLOBAL STOCKS- US, UK ASIAN STOCKS right here from the comfort of your room in NIgeria.

I will teach you how to do that. I have a manual that will put you through how to buy and sell stocks by looking at the Open,
High, Low and Close of the prices alone.

You dont need any indicator at all. Yes, you dont need any indicator to trade. The Prices are enough.

For instance when the stocks is in downtrend and the stocks has the lowest low for the past 4 weeks or thereabout and the close price of today's stocks is greater than yesterday open and close price I can tell you this stocks will be good to buy and you can place a buy and within 2-4weeks and you can sell when the Sell signals also indicate that with the prices we have now, it is time to sell this stocks or short itI have more that I will teach you in the manual

You also will get FOR FREE

- Good Stocks ebooks being sold on Amazon together with it
-You will be taught how to manage your money and create a Trading Plan
vital for your success in Trading
-You will be introduce to Good International Brokers accepting Nigerians on
their platform

Take advantage of this great offer Now.

The Manual Costs a sum of N3000 only  

Pay into this GTBank Account
Name: Ayodele Stephen
A/c Nos: 0037173657
Once you pay, text your payment details –name and email to 08067448756 Once I confirm I will forward the full package to your email

You got nothing to lose. This is a worthwhile investment which I can assure you will reap in more greater benefits to your portfolio.

I can send you trading proof if you like... just email me at

Stephen Ayodele


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