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How to Post a Link on Facebook for Maximum Views

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How to Post a Link on Facebook for Maximum Views Empty How to Post a Link on Facebook for Maximum Views

Post  festus2013 Sat Jan 19, 2013 11:57 am

Have you been working hard to get more Likes to your Facebook blog page and wondering why those fans aren't bringing you traffic?

Many websites with thousands of Facebook Likes rarely see the benefit of those fans. Well, there are a few simple tricks to increase your "reach" on Facebook as well as traffic to your blog.

First, Facebook has changed the way they deliver content from pages people Liked. You may have noticed that the percentage of your Fans that actually see your Facebook posts (aka links to your blog) has gone way down over the last year or so.

This has been even more dramatic after Facebook went public (and need to make profit for shareholders) as it seems they now want you to pay for delivering your posts to a higher percentage of your Likers or Fans. For a small fee they now allow you to "Promote" your Facebook posts to more of your Fans.

One of my blogs has over 14,000 Likes and my Facebook posts, on average, were being viewed by less than 100 of them. Not a very good percentage.

Busy bloggers like me do not have a lot of time to engage all day on Facebook, so I resorted to just feeding our RSS to our Facebook page. That's mistake number one. RSS feeds are the weakest form of engagement and Facebook practically treats them like spam.

Bottom line is that Facebook does require some effort to see any real benefit. There is nothing automatic about it. Even paying to "Promote" your posts is less effective than genuine engagement.

So here are a few tips to get more traffic from your Facebook posts:

1. Get rid of your RSS feed to your Facebook page, and manually post all of your articles to Facebook.

2. Actually, the best way to do this is to upload an image to your Facebook Timeline related to your blog post. Images seem to give you the most reach, more so than just sharing a link on your page.

3. Include a compelling question with each image post. Then add the link to the article on your blog that answers that question. (Ie: Why aren't I getting traffic from my Facebook Likes?)

4. TAG the image with well-known people or websites related to the topic that have an active audience. The more people tagged, sharing, commenting, the more people see it and the more pageviews you get.

5. Respond to all or as many Facebook comments as you can on that post. This reaches your fans wall and is displayed to their friends giving you even more reach potential.

These five steps will increase the amount of people who see your posts, increase your Facebook reach and number of Likes, and ultimately drive more traffic to your blog.

It takes a bit more time that simply forwarding your RSS feed to Facebook, but it should be well worth the effort. Try it and let me know how it works for you.

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